Keep your kids Safe from Cyberbullying with TheOneSpy Android App

The inventions of all the scientific discoveries have no doubt made our life easier but in the other hand these inventions have exposed us to the threat of much dangerous type of threats. The web portal is not that safe as it used to be in the past. Today’s it is more vulnerable to all the threats of bugging, fraud, misrepresentation and other scams. These all threats have made our lives very difficult.28C984C0D1CEECA01260F536E2D3A414_787_441

The servers of the banks were considered to be the most secure servers in the world. People used to keep their belongings and the other valuables in them. This confidence in the bank made them a secure way to transfer money and other monetary bills. But as every scientific invention has two faces same thing went here. The servers of the banks were obviously made by the man and the persons making such servers and the web portals often are responsible for the making of the virus to affect that system. The same thing happened here and the persons making the servers for the bank proved to be the culprit at the end and were considered guilty for making frauds at the bank and for fraud moving the money from one bank to another bank. This story is not one we can find a lot millions of such stories in our past in which many banks were robbed using the cyber space.

The problem is not limited to the stealing of money from the bank in fact this misconduct in the cyber sector is spread all over in all the aspects of the life. The social media has opened a new space for those criminal mind people. The Facebook and the Twitter are considered to be the hub for these culprits as large number of people is present there on the Facebook. These cyber criminals are very sharp minded and they use very smart tactics in order to exploit others. Simple innocent people become victims of their cruel planning and they lose everything they have. Sometimes it is the money and sometimes it is the life of their person that is lost just for the mere of some amount of money involve in the game. Many people make fool of people just for the mode of the fun. They make accounts with the names of the girls and they play with other people emotions and the feelings. Any scams are also heard on it. Recently there was wave of declaring people dead on the websites. This started after the death of Paul Walker, the famous Hollywood actor who died in the car accident. The Spy One software helps you to keep a full control on what your child uses on the internet. The software comes with android and tablet monitoring app that lets you to choose the correct type of the websites that you should visit. If the software’s detects any type of the malicious content it always gives you a notification of not to open the website as it can cause you some trouble.Cell phone hacking prevention tips for teens, kids your loved one.


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Brooke Chloe is digital parenting expert. A writer of latest tech reviews. Her favorite Book is “Pivot of the Universe”. She don't write actually, its all her passion.
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