Parental Controls every parent must know with respect to Video Game Consoles

parental control with respect to video games

Back in the years when electronic gaming was relatively new, consoles such as Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis caused gaming to reach new heights and allowed the world to be experienced to a new world of digital entertainment. In November 2001, Microsoft entered a competition in which they feature their console which was given the name of Xbox which competed with those of Sony called Nintendo and PlayStation. Microsoft then followed up with releasing a number of Xbox games for teenagers which included gamed such as Halo,

Forza Motorsport and Gears of War which further brought fame to the gaming industry and helped Hollywood achieve a great deal of market share and revenue.

With the continued evolution of the digital entertainment industry, consoles too started becoming even more sophisticated. The hardware system which was considered to be a state of the art became an entertainment unit which was central to ever household as not only were these capable of playing 3D video games but also played high definition movies. These could connect to the internet wireless as well at incredible speeds and allow video chats to take place as well. Thus, while consoles which were more likely to be used by kids became a doorway for them to access content on the internet, some of which would not be deemed appropriate for their age.

Realizing that countermeasures needed to be taken, manufacturers began to embed restrictions into the firmware of the consoles. With parental controls being added for Xbox, Wii and PlayStation 3, kids would be blocked from accessing adult websites and content on the internet and at the same time, they would be prevented from playing those games which were considered too violent for their underdeveloped minds.

If your kids too enjoy playing video games, chances are high that they belong to any of the three current generations of consoles. The following is how you can be a responsible parent and restrict your child from accessing content and games which are inappropriate for them.

Xbox 360: switch on the console without any disc. Go to System – Family Settings – Console controls and access the menu for parental control. Select which option you prefer for video games, movies and Xbox Live. Once all the settings are in place, create a password. This option can be found under Console Controls and Set Pass Code.

PlayStation 3: these consoles come with a default password which is 0000. To put your own security measures, go to Settings – Security Settings- Set Password which will allow you to set pass codes for Blu Ray and DVD movies. To place restrictions on video games, Parental Control is what you need to click on. The system will also allow you to select a level of strictness. In order to place restrictions for the internet, go to the Internet Browser Start Control. Turning this ON will restrict your child from accessing the internet.

Nintendo Wii: to restrict your child from accessing games and features which are found online in Wii, press the Wii button found at the bottom of the screen and select Settings –Parental Control. The console itself makes use of an ESRB Rating to determine whether or not a game is appropriate for kids to play it. Once the Wii is connected to the internet, you will be able to access extra options. While the console comes with an inbuilt email service and web browser, users of Wii can set up a PIN to make online purchases from the Wii store. Once you have set in place the changes you want, a password would have to be set in to seal it in place.


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