Parental Control Software

parental control software

Parental control has been a matter of concern for most of the parents these days. To solve their concern, a cell phone spying software has been developed, which is called as TheOneSpy. This software is well-suited to meet all your needs regarding parental control. Let us come to know how this cell phone tracking software can act as a parental control app.

TheOneSpy lets you track the location of your child through GPS. For this you need to install this application on the cell phone of your children. Your child will never know that you have installed this application on his cell phone. TheOneSpy can be installed on most operating systems such as iOS, Blackberry, and Android.

This cell phone monitoring software also lets you to intercept live calls made and received by your child. This particular feature has dual benefits. Firstly, you can come to know if your child is being bullied by anyone through cell phone. Sometimes children are not confident enough to share their concerns with their parents. So through this software, you can know come to know this. Secondly, you can come to know if your child is involved in some immoral or illicit activity through call monitoring feature of this android spy software.

If you missed to capture the live calls of your child, you can still access the call logs of your child’s cell phone. From there you can come to know about all the relevant details. This iOS spy software also lets you to read the SMS communication made by your child. Furthermore, you can also access the contact list of your child’s cell phone through this blackberry spy software.

For Parental control, main focus should be on kid safety.Just have a look on short brief about smart parenting.

sysmatrixTheOneSpy also lets you track the internet behaviour of your children. You can come to know which sites are visited by your children, and what comments are posted by your children on various forums. This feature also has dual benefits; you can counter if your child is cyber-bullied, and you can also come to know if some inappropriate material online is viewed by your child.

TheOneSpy is a very useful cell spy app, which serves as a functional parental control application.


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