Supervising teens on Facebook – A guide for parents

For a number of parents, Facebook isn’t simply a social networking website; instead, they believe it to be a platform where their kids aren’t safe and where bad things happen. While to some this may seem to be paranoia, their fears are often not without merit. Every parent has heard of teenagers uploading indecent pictures of them on the website, getting involved in cyber bullying or irresponsible behaviour or being pursued by predators. The number of threats is great and unfortunately they cannot be ignored. Parents need to know how they can supervise their children rather than simply preventing their children from using such websites.

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Teenagers don’t wish to add their parents on Facebook because for them, this means losing on their privacy which is why they don’t like doing so. However for parents to be a part of social networking websites can be crucial as it could help them keep a watch over their children online. Parents should try to explain their true motives to their children as to why they wish to be added and if they still don’t listen, parents can and should threaten to take away their internet privileges to get them to comply. According to a survey parents are monitoring teens what they are searching on Facebook.

To make sure that their teen isn’t being irresponsibly online, parents should have a look at their messages, posts, friend lists etc. however the motive shouldn’t be deferred from which is to make sure their child is safe and to not snoop around on their private lives. If you feel something isn’t right, you should speak to your child about however be careful when bringing up the issue so that the child doesn’t feel as though they are being confronted or accused.

Admiration to restraint teen can also lay down some rules regarding the information their child can post on Facebook. By doing so, threats and risks can be reduced. Parents can limit the number of hours their child gets to spend on social media websites and can make these rules alongside them so that they can be adopted more easily. Rules should be followed by warning them of the consequences that would follow if they do not do so.

Parents can also make use of a kids spy software to keep a watch over their child’s activity on Facebook. However it should be made sure that this option is used with care. It would be best to tell your child that he is being monitored in this manner or else he/she might end up feeling violated. They need to be ensured that their privacy will remain respected and parents should make sure that they stick by this so that the bond of trust isn’t ruined. All conversations shouldn’t be read by parents and rather only danger should be looked for. While it can be a tricky business to supervise teens on Facebook, it can certainly be done. Parents always have the best interest at heart when it comes to their child which is what they need to convey to their child to make sure that he doesn’t feel his privacy is being violated.

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Brooke Chloe is digital parenting expert. A writer of latest tech reviews. Her favorite Book is “Pivot of the Universe”. She don't write actually, its all her passion.
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