Social media apps another avenue for cyber bullying

Social Media Apps on Apple iPhone 5

A new social networking app has been launched by the name of Secret which has definitely taken over this generation of millennial by storm. It is even believed to become the next scandal with respect to cyber bullying.

The Secret is quite a simple social media app. People post status updates which can be seen by their network of phone contacts and can be commented upon by them. The catch however is that all of this is done on an anonymous basis. People can see posts and comment on them but they do not know who is the one posting or commenting. It’s similar to going through someone’s diary without knowing its author.

While Facebook too has been popular for long and continues to be so, Secret and apps which are similar to it have become one of the hottest trends amongst teens in American high school. Such apps have even begun to increase in the number of times they are being downloaded.

Askfm is another social networking website which allows users to use the platform and for them to post comments and questions in an anonymous manner. Last year, 9 teenagers were found to have committed suicides and their suicides were linked to the bullying which they faced on this website. The vice executive of the website Ilja Terebin in defence of the company said that they were aware of the challenges being faced but that the website is a place where teenagers can come and express their views in a free manner which is what they need.

The situation however became quite severe which caused the company to hire a London based law firm which carried out an independent review of their site. The review urged that the company include privacy tools as part of the website’s settings so that users would be allowed to block any anonymous questions, report any kind of offensive content and even filter out any content which they didn’t want.

Yik Yak is another social media website which works in a similar manner to Secret and has also been used to not only taunt students but to make bomb threats as well. The company recently announced a ban on middle school and high school users from making use of the website. Furthermore, the social media platform is expected to disable its services closer to where schools are found.

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With such issues, the question always arises as to what parents can do to help? Parents always have time on their hands and often do their best to protect their teens online from getting bullied on the internet. Even when they make use of parental control software’s, they still have a difficult time from preventing their children from getting bullied online. By the time parents become aware that their child has been a victim, the damage has been done and reached an emotional level which is likely for it to proceed to the physical level as well. Due to such reasons, parents need to be absolutely aware and protect their children at all times.

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