Tools for online safety of your child

While the internet can be a great place to learn for children, it does have grey areas to it and consists of dangerous pitfalls which children need to stay clear of. Before letting them fall prey to the viciousness of the internet, make sure that you do everything you can to safe your child while he is online.
The following are 5 tools which you can take a look into to make sure your child is safe.

Net Nanny: net_nanny This is a known name and will provide you with control over the usage and access of the internet activities of your child. You will be able to regulate their access of games online to proxy sites and through this; the software will give you the option of managing the installations. The only drawback to this however is that it doesn’t act as a key logger due to which you won’t be able to capture each of the strokes made however you can get your hands on the chat files.

McAfee Safe Eyes: safe-eyes-box What’s best about this software is that while using one license, you can make use of it on a total of 3 different systems which will allow you to sync and manage the product across all the devices on which it is being used. Furthermore, the customer support is available 14 hours a day and is great help. Apart from monitoring, the product can also be used to block off access to certain sites and thus the content as well. Through this, you can also be in charge of the times during the day your child can have access to the internet.

Web Watcher: webwatcherThis program can be installed remotely and also contains additional features such as key logging abilities, screen shot captures, and keyword alerts. The feature of alert keyword is also quite interesting as it is a database of keywords that signal when there may be danger present. Thus if the software comes across any such words in chats, searches or anywhere else, the parents are notified on an immediate basis. Thus with the use of this software, there is nothing which you can’t keep an eye regarding what your child does while on the internet. It does however come with a price tag of $100 because the features offered are quite sophisticated.

TheOneSpy: theonespy-SoftBoxWith respect to stealth, TheOneSpy is very good software. If you feel that your child is rebellious or if you believe that the time for parental control is no longer, you can make use of this software and still engage in parental monitoring. The program will allow you to access data remotely while they are making use of the internet allowing you to keep a watchful eye over them. The device can also be used on their smart phones as well.

Profil Parental Filter: parental_filter2This too filters out any unwanted content and access points which are harmful for your child. Different child profiles can be managed with the help of this software within the same system and usage rules and filtering can be adjusted according to needs.

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