Selfie generations till latest trend

Selfies are the latest trend which includes taking pictures using the front camera of a smart phone. Due to the large number of people now taking such pictures, a study was conducted to find out which generation engages the most in taking selfies. Millennial’s i.e. those who were born in the 80’s and early 2000’s were found to be the generation which engages the most in taking selfies.

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Selfies are taken almost on a daily basis and according to yet another study, it was found that 1 million selfies are taken on a daily basis out of which the majority of people upload their selfies onto Facebook. Apart from this social media website, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are some of the other popular social media sites and apps where selfies are posted by people.

Due to the increase in the popularity of this trend, companies have also begun to make use of it in their ad campaigns such as Samsung, Pizza Hut, National Geographic, WWF, NASA and a number of others which has allowed them to interact with various generations via social media.

Despite the popularity of selfies, they have a good and bad side associated with them. Selfies can be good since they help in boosting self confidence and may be an interesting way to engage and have fun however on the other hand, selfies encourage people to look good rather than focus on being smart and at times, people tend to become too obsessed with doing so.


Source: TheOneSpy selfie culture

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