7 Unknown Features of Digital Parenting Apps

It is truly said that these day’s kids are digital kids. Kids are addicted to modern technology. Nearly all of them study to operate a smartphone or a tablet prior to they even learn the alphabet. Children and teens have contact with technology like never before in the present day. There are a lot of issues lie hidden in the digital world that the best parts of kids are not aware of. So, digital parenting apps permit parents to maintain their kids protected as they steer the technological worlds of kids.

kids monitoring
Parenting has developed into all the time more difficult with the coming of internet, cell phones and computers. Kids used to spend more time on using internet at the moment and parents can manage web content sifting on kids’ tablets and cell phones to make available secure browser experience, block pornography, distantly supervise kid’s gadget, direct screen time and steer apps. Its parents duty to guide kids in a manner that they gain knowledge of technology and make use of it for good. Parents also should focus on internet safety.

uKnow Mobile, Find My Kids Footprints, SecuraFone, FBI Child ID, iCurfew and eKavach are some of the prime digital parenting apps available in the field.  By using these apps, you can successfully attempt to look after your children the means that all good parent should do. It is seen that modern digital world is alive with online risks such as internet & gaming obsession, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, pornography etc. Since more technologies are accessible around kids, the digital parenting apps comes as a handy option to the parents all over the globe parents to save their kids or provide internet safety to their kinds from a variety of online risks.

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Modern day kids are moving to digital world even before they are aware of it. Therefore, parents require being alert and well-informed about parenting. Cyber bullying, cyber stalking and internet addiction are some serious threats that kids are facing on the Internet which can have lifetime outcome on children. So, online safety of kids should be the top priority with parents and digital parenting apps stands as good choice. Digital parenting apps assist parents to examine the online actions of their kids and allow parents to create superior decisions about the online security of their children.

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Digital Parenting Apps aids you grow to be an enhanced parent and here are some benefits of smart phone parental control apps for kids:

  • Helps you to block particular web categories, inapt content and set time limits.
  • Aids to supervise applications and time being used up on each app.
  • Assist to customize each child’s internet experience.
  • Allow to check your child’s online actions live, always, with notifications on your phone.
  • Lets you to know any boundaries are breach by your child.
  • Helps you to decline adult, irreverent or offensive materials.

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There indeed more features available in digital parenting apps. Here are some of the most important features, which are unknown as follow:

1- Manage Your Child’s Device Usage

One of the most important features of digital parenting apps is that you can now check and direct your child’s device usage. It is certain that this feature of parenting apps have taken parenting to the next level.

2. Keep in touch with

Digital parenting apps will let parents to keep in touch with their kids 24/7 and parents won’t have to lose out on whatever thing in their kids’ lives.

3. Peace of mind

Another most important feature of apps to monitor kids is that it offers parents a peace of mind. Obviously, most of the parents are worried about their kids’ activities in the digital world. So, by using digital parenting apps, they can observe and put a check to their kids’ activities. They can avoid their worries and concentrate on their kids with peace of mind through this medium.

4. Sense of Security

These apps offers a strong sense of security to the children. With the digital parenting apps, children are more capable of working together with their parents easily. So, parents can advice them if they go wrong and guide safely to engage in the digital world.

5. Monitor Anywhere and Anytime

The best part of parental control apps have remote access feature. It helps the parents to access or monitor their kids from anywhere and anytime. By means of the remote access feature, parents need not be around the kid any longer to make sure their online security at the moment.

6. Real-time alerts

In the present day, most of the phone monitoring apps for teens offer the feature of real time alerts. It aids to observe your child’s online activities real-time, incessantly in particular with direct notifications on your phone.

7. Offline alerts

Nearly all the smart phone monitoring apps make parenting easier by means of presenting offline alerts as well along with the real time alerts. It helps you even if you are disconnected from the Internet. You will keep getting notifications by way of SMS if you are disconnected from the Internet.

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