Top 5 Online Threats Your Kids Are Exposed To

Gone are the days when you could physically and emotionally protect your kids from practically anything around them. Today, children are exposed to the likes of much worse dangers rotating in the cyber world. Protecting kids from these without employing the help of any external source can become hard and even impossible in some instances. But with the help of monitoring applications, here are a few prominent threats that you can easily protect your children from online without having to lose their trust or make them feel like their privacy is being compromised on any level.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying has been found to be the worst kind of bullying that may occur in case a child becomes victim to it. And unlike school yard bullying, cyber bullying can take many different forms as well, which is why making it the most dangerous of all. From spreading lies to hateful messages, these can grow like wild fire and go unnoticed from parents easily. However, on the inside it would be taking a huge toll on your kid’s emotional and social well being. However, with monitoring applications you can keep a close check on your kid’s social media usage, and keep track of any forums your kid is a part of where he or she could be victimized easily. In case of any such instance, you can even report the issue easily to the authorities with evidence.

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Adult websites are another internet hazard that many parents want to protect their children from. These pornography sites contain illicit material which can prove very harsh on your kid’s sexual growth.  A wrong impression can leave your kid scarred for life. But with the help of monitoring application you can now easily block access to these sites. You can put in keywords and specific content indicators that would eventually even block out inappropriate advertisements that would otherwise pop up unannounced.

Drugs and alcohol

Although it is quite hard to acquire drugs and alcohol online, but there have been found secret forums where drug smugglers tend to recruit youngsters to smuggle and sell drugs to locals. The business has grown for years and the added incentive of earning a good stack of money is enough to get kids hooked. Other than that, children come across videos and other media content that would portray rugs in a favorable light hence leaving a wrong impression on the kids’ minds. To protect your child from getting into any such activities, it is recommended that you use a highly reputed monitoring application that would keep track of who you kid talks to and about what. Staying in the loop will help you understand your kids ever growing interests as well.


Violent video clips and games are another source of online threats that your kid is exposed to regularly. Some games have been scientifically found to induce aggression into children as well. Moreover, impressionable children may become motivated and encouraged by violent video clips that they would eventually try to copy then. In order to protect your children from downloading such content, you can use monitoring applications which block specific keywords from the search engine altogether. Moreover, you can easily monitor browsing history of their phone and laptop to ensure what they are recently interested in.

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Sexual predators

Pedophiles and sexual predators have found easy access to vulnerable children through the internet. They can target your children through different chat rooms and lead them astray into different hideous crimes and activities. Pedophiles may target you kid through different pages that he or she may be a part of or different various portals. By manipulating them, these criminals can lead you kid into divulging private aspects of their lives and even sexual photos. Therefore, it is really important that you are aware of who your kid is in touch with all the time. This can be easily done with the help of monitoring applications that allow you to track phone and every contact your child has ever had. This way you can cross check them and find out who the authentic ones are and who are only out to manipulate your kid.

Online threats have increased over the years and are rapidly evolving by the minute. Hello barbie app security issue  is the best example of it. The security laps in this app could lead hackers to spy on kids. Although authorities try to keep a universal lookout for these criminals, like pedophiles, there is almost so much that they can do. And as a parent you will never be fully satisfied until it is not in your completely control.

It is recommended that you use authentic monitoring applications that will help keep your kids safe.
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