How To: Guide to Becoming a Cool Spy

Who wouldn’t want to become a spy?

Becoming a rogue agent/spy has probably been on everyone’s wish list sometime in their lives. And the hype that media occasionally creates around this topic, everyone is usually looking for different ways to imitate a spy.

spy guide

But what if you could actually become a spy? With the latest monitoring applications present in the market today, becoming a spy is not that hard now. In fact what makes you different from others posing to be spies is your creativity. Here’s how you can easily accomplish being a spy:

Cell phone tracking

A spy without cell phone tracking is no spy at all. Since everyone today has smart phones on them, it is the best way to spy them as well. With monitoring applications, tracking someone’s location through their cell phone is very easy. You will not only get their exact GPS location, but also manage to get their potential route list. Moreover, you will also have full access to their previous location history. Getting their location history can prove very beneficial especially if coupled with analytical software will help you understand all possible routes anyone would ever take. In a way this information can help predict future movements of anyone as well.

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Spying on sent and received texts

If you can find out their locations, why not get a little more personal than that? With the right monitoring application, you can now easily gain access to anyone’s personal chats. This is not only limited to a one way conversation but in fact, you can now have complete conversations including incoming and outgoing messages in front of you. Getting close and personal is what spying is all about, and with messages in front of you, you’re a step closer to becoming a spy.

Working with webcams

If you really want to take your spy business to a whole new level, we would recommend you spying with webcams. Monitoring applications have a way of accessing web cams without them being turned on. This way you can quietly keep track of your subject’s doings without them knowing at all. You can also save feed from these webcams in video as well as audio form. So not only will you know what they are doing, your experience will be enhanced ten folds. Sometimes people tend to use their cell phone cameras for web cams as well. And these monitoring applications can easily track them through smart phone cameras as well.

Tracking browsing history

If you really want to get to know someone personally, the best way is to go through their browsing history. Browsing histories contain everything a person is interested in. so if you really want to get your spy on, the best way is to go through their browsing history. And with monitoring applications you don’t have to steal another’s computer for that because you can easily get their complete browsing history in a file format. Not only that, you can also check their online book marking. Book marks a great way to attract traffic but in reality they are really a way of telling you about a person and their interests.

Listening to phone calls and surrounding areas

As a spy you would rally want to get to hear phone calls and even access their micro phones to eavesdrop on someone. It is the perfect disguise and no one will ever find out about what you’re up to. To do this discreetly, you can easily install a monitoring application and listen to peoples calls. With this feature you can even record these calls. There are two ways to go about it. One feature allows you to hear on to peoples calls when they are happening and the other one record the calls and plays them for you at a stretch. Picking which ever feature you like is up to personal preference, and what is required at the time.

Anyone can become a spy, but what make you unique as a spy is your creativity and your gadgetry. That’s why if you are opting to become a cool spy then you need to make sure the monitoring application that you choose is not only unique but caters to a lot many different things like tracking multimedia.

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