6 Things You Need to Monitor on Your Child’s Cell Phone

Do you know what your child does on his or her cell phone?

Do you monitor their behavior?  We have put together a set of tips and tricks for parents who are either digitally challenged or tech savvy. Here are 6 Things You Need to Monitor on Your Child’s Cell Phone.

monitor child cell phone

Kids tend to explore places on their own, which means they can wander off to places that they shouldn’t go to. However, you still want to give your kids their space in a protective manner.

Children monitoring applications allow you to sit in the comfort of your own home and keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts. You can even set location parameters which will send you an automatic notification if your child leaves a predefined “safe zone.”

If he or she is on low battery, you can also get notifications to help you remind them to charge their device.

Text Messages

Messaging apps and texting tools in your kids’ phone are like a magnet that keeps them attached 24/7. With calls, you can hear tidbits, but with messages you may be kept unaware of who your child is interacting with.

Spy applications give you complete logs and lists with whole conversations. Some applications are cloud-based where complete conversations are stored without your child knowing.

Social Media

Most teens and some pre-teens are connected through social media. Most parents are worried that their children will get involved with the wrong crowds. To counter this and protect children from online predators, parents can keep tabs on their kids’ social media activity through monitoring applications.

This does not require that you follow your child. What gets posted or who they befriend is all tracked with one simple application.

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos on devices are not always safe. They are mishandled and stolen over the internet and can lead to bullying as well. But with a monitoring application, you don’t have to worry about these problems.

You can keep track of the photos clicked from the kids’ phone as well as all of the media received.

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Internet Activity

Children are curious by nature. With full access to the world’s library (the internet), there are many things that parents need to protect them from. Complete web histories can be erased virtually, but with strong spy software, you will always have a backup of all internet activity including searches.

Other things you can monitor are:

      1. Uploads and downloads.
      2. Website access.
      3. Use of search terms.
      4. Malicious content including applications from downloading to your kids’ devices.

Digital parenting is all about virtual tabs. Parents can now easily keep track of their kids’ digital activities. Kids are vulnerable to the changing trends.

Tracking your child so intricately is a way to keep them safe. Tracking may lead to your mistrust if they find out. It is always recommended to let your children know expectations, that they are being monitored, and the consequences of not adhering.

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