6 Ways Modern-Day Parenting Is In Crisis

An Overview

Modren digital ParentingBeing a parent is the most enjoyable yet a challenging experience. The mind of the child is a place of endless imagination, curiosity, and eagerness when it comes to discovering new things. It can even push your limits as converting up as a child inside you and changing your life forever.

However, you can never be prepared for parenthood. There is always something new and important to learn when in parenthood—especially when it comes to motherhood which is not different from what it was during 20 years back, rather it has become more challenging now. The reason behind it is a hectic lifestyle which develops new and unique pressures continuously specifically for working moms. In fact, modern parenting today seems to be in serious trouble—a crisis as well.

Parenting Is an Undeniable Responsibility

Parenting has never been easy. What has come up are the challenges that have always accompanied the same for every mom of today’s time? Today, the mothers face the combined demand of situations like technology, fast changing dynamics of the family, a 24/7 working source and an all-rounder active mind maker. There are greatest problems that the mothers are going through and how modern-day parenting is in crisis?

Lack of Flexibility

Modern parents lack flexibility in their deeds and actions—especially working mothers—due to which they are not able to establish their individual acts relating to child care. While the working scenario has come a long way with responding to the needs of working families, the mothers are bounded between duties towards workplace and home.

Shortage of Time

The life of a mother is bounded by too many things. Their day starts right from early morning struggle to get everyone ready for school or office, if she is working then, she has to manage her work as well. In spite of being out for work for nearly nine hours in a day, the mothers have to fulfill all the homely deeds. They keep on juggling between professional and personal lives. As a result, children often feel left out, and they begin managing their stuff as most of the time the mothers are busy. This leads to behavioral changes in the children as the sense of insecurity and loneliness starts to creep in.

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Limited Mobility

Most of the time, competitive work environments require commitments beyond a forty-hour work week. Hence, the working moms face slow family movement when they are not able to invest time in kids. Working moms do not always see the same opportunities to serve their families which result in ill-effects in the family.

Promoting Shortcuts

The parents, especially the mothers are busier than ever, and hence, they advise their children to have shortcuts for their deeds. However, shortcuts can be a slippery slope. For instance—earlier the parents used to send their child for playing sports such as cricket and football. However, today, playing cricket or any outdoor sports in the neighborhoods is no longer a part of the children’s lives. Rather today’s parents provide them video games, mobiles, and computers for entertainment so that they may keep themselves busy at home, which in turn lead to health problems like obesity and even social isolation, which are not good for the kids.

Missing Out Important Milestones

Usually, working moms regularly balance their instincts to stay active in every aspect of their children’s lives. Children develop on their schedules and because of some negligence on the part of the mother she misses out on important milestones in her kids life. So, balancing work obligations sometimes results in missing out on important family activities.

To Conclude

This is thus said that the mothers need to work according to the changing time so that methods and ways of protecting the children could not hinder at any cost.


Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children from the time of infancy to adulthood. It refers to the aspects of raising a child apart from the biological relationship. However, today all that is missing. How? Get the reasons from this post


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