Digital Parenting is Important for Teens, whether they Like it Or Not

How Digital Parenting is Important for Teen

digital-parenting-for-teensAll the parents want to raise and grow their child in a good way. They want to keep themselves safe and secure from the harmful objects, even want to expose the good and bad things of this modern era so their child can grow up without worries. They want their child to explore the world and to learn new technologies in their own style using their own skills and thoughts. Being a parent it is our duty to give all those facilities to our children which help them to use the advance world’s tools in their life; in order to help them to grow up in a stable environment. All of this is called parenting and for online or cyber world this would be call digital parenting.

Our children are growing up in this world of technology. They are surrounded by the technology all around them. Our houses are full of the devices which are directly connected with the internet; giving them the chance to explore the world without limitations. Some of the devices are shared which can be used by the whole family while others are the personal. Technology is a normal part of the life of our children. They have opened their eyes in the world of smart phones, laptops, tablets and so on. For them, this “digital life” is just “life”.

Parents need to have an eye on their children and guide them properly. Parents should be aware of the digital technology that is in the use of their children. In simple language it will be digital parenting. Digital Parenting is one of the topics that may make the teens uncomfortable. No child or teenager wants their parents to check or stick their nose in their personal things.

It is too much important for the parents to know what their kids are doing on the internet because if using internet is beneficial than on other hand it can be the dangerous as well. While using internet they can explore all the possible dangers.

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How do parents keep their teenagers away from the risks?

Check and monitor your child’s whole day activity. Keep an eye on them that while using internet which activities are done by them and keep a silent track of the people whom your child is interacting. It’s not a good thing to allow your child to give freedom. Giving freedom is so harmful for them. Being parent it is very much important to be aware of the people who hang out with them in community as well as online.

In this digital world no one is unaware of Facebook or Twitter. It will be a good decision for the parents to “Friend” their child in these social circles. This will allow and help them to check the online social circle of their child.

The other source is GPS. Add GPS locations in your child’s mobile and connect with yours. It will help you to check where your child is right now. It can also be important in case of emergency. Within seconds you can make the decision that where you have to go and how to go to help and protect your child.

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In this digital world kids love to use internet and to explore the world. That’s why digital parenting has become much more important day by day to make your environment healthy and your kids successful.

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Brooke Chloe is digital parenting expert. A writer of latest tech reviews. Her favorite Book is “Pivot of the Universe”. She don't write actually, its all her passion.
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5 Responses to Digital Parenting is Important for Teens, whether they Like it Or Not

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  4. Sol the Nav says:

    Keeping teenagers from “taking risks” and “it’s not a good thing to allow your child freedom” are simply bad ideas. I’m sorry. It’s just that many Gen X & Y children grew up too soft, straight and narrow, uninteresting. I am online now looking for a GPS tracker for my 1-year old catahoula leopard (catahoulas are insanely fast runners and this may be a necessary tool in case of emergency) as I’m still training her to not get distracted and run at this and that… so I stumbled onto “teenage driver GPSs” and I was really thrown off that such an item is ascribed for general usage. Teens should not be put in that position by default. I understand using it on a teen who has already breached trust once or twice and clearly needs a device to keep them in order… as I am considering a GPS for my dog whom has proven multiple times that given the chance she runs off. But simply saying “it’s not a good thing to allow your child freedom” is so far off the mark. Children, teenagers, everyone needs some level of independence in order to explore and figure themselves out. They will grow into much more confident young adults.


    • Brooke Chloe says:

      Hi dear,
      I appreciate all your words and feelings. As you elaborated your experience with leopard. There is a clear demonstration of technology usage in order to keep an eye on her life. Parents must know the ethics of monitoring kids activities. They should keep in mind teen’s privacy. But as a parent, they should have to show some responsibility in a way so that their children feel secure, internally and externally.
      It is not like parents are on wire and kids are on fire. You say right that everyone needs some level of independence in order to explore and figure themselves out. I really appreciate it.


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