How to Monitor Mobile Workforce

How-to-Monitor-Mobile-WorkforceSending employees over to customers is one of the newest and most widely used modes of advertising. It is one of those business ventures where the companies who are trying to get the word out about their business to their target audience are not only able to reach them but also provide them several in-house services. This way, businesses are able to forge a relationship with the target audience on a personal level. But, the problem is, even though using a mobile workforce to provide services as well as help out in advertising, keeping track of the mobile workforce is quite a dilemma for employers since their employees could be all over city.

Managing employees in the field is never ending challenge. When you have a business that requires you to possess a mobile workforce to be able to make deliveries or go over to fix things, such as handyman services, cleaning services, moving services, parcel delivery services, pizza delivery services, etc, they can go off to deliver something as far as six blocks and take over 4 hours to return claiming that they were stuck in traffic. Such instances make employers skeptical and if, heaven forbid, such occurrences do occur, the employer has no choice but to believe, giving slacker ample opportunity to take company owned automobiles on a joy ride whenever they may please.

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Well, not anymore. Here are a few ways as to how business owners can keep employees from taking advantage of company owned hardware. Whatever it may be, a laptop, a mobile phone, or truck or anything at all, this is how you can keep track of your business and make sure that your employee is actually working and not slacking off.
People who use GPS in their cars know what GPS is. GPS or Global Positioning System is a technology that utilizes satellites to find out the location of anything, anywhere in the world. Now, the vehicles used by most delivery or in house providers contain a GPS which allows them to locate any address. This GPS can also come in handy when it comes to providing the home base with the real time location of the vehicles. This way you can keep track of the time taken by your employees to get to the place, to do his job and return back to the office. There are a large number of employee monitoring tools which also offer GPS tracking. All you need to do is install these solutions on company owned devices are you are ready to go. These employee management tools not only reveal the location history but also keep you updated with the real time location of all your employees.

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Placing a bug or rather “bugging” is the process in which the employer places a live bug in the company automobiles. This bug transmits the location of the automobile to the servers of the bug manufacturing companies in real time, helping you keep track of your property conveniently.


Trackers are slightly different from automobile bugs but they essentially work on the same principle. These are placed on a mobile phone or a laptop i.e. portable computing devices to keep track of their whereabouts since such devices are very easy to conceal or steal. Additionally an employee might carry a company provided mobile phones with himself/herself all the time, meaning that the company, if they have placed a tracker on the device, can keep track of their employee in real-time, all the time. All you have to do is pick up a reputable spy app like TheOneSpy and install it on all your devices and you are good to go.

This way if you have sent your guy to do a job in the city and once the job is done he has decided to spend the time to his leisure at the expense of the company, and then with the help of a tracker you can catch him red-handed in the act.

Using these methods along with many others, business owners are not only able to improve the standing of their business but also make sure that their employees are not duping them hence increasing their productivity.

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