What Makes XNSPY a “Worth-buying” Mobile Spy App?

Before you buy Xnspy mobile spy app, you know you want something that offers value for money. At the same time, you want an app that offers all those monitoring features that you need. Every spy app user has unique needs, which is why the app market is swarming with billions of tracking and monitoring apps. Each year, newer versions with improved features flood the market because the needs of users of these apps continue to evolve with technology.

XNspy smart Monitoring

Who are the main users of these apps in the world? It may surprise you but the largest users are parents, followed by the employers. That’s right! Parents are increasingly becoming concerned about protecting their kids from cyber bullies, kidnapping, and sexual harassment. Likewise, employers are increasingly becoming concerned about transparency, trust, increasing productivity, and protecting the sensitive secrets of their company.

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How does using a mobile spy app help these major users? Let’s look at the pros and cons of using these apps.

Pros and cons of Using XNSPY

Here’s a quick list of benefits for parents who use such apps:

xnSPY smart features

  • Parents can discipline their kids
  • Parents can train their kids about the dos and don’ts online
  • Parents can protect their kids from cyber bullies, kidnappers, rapists, and sexual harassers
  • Parents can always know their kids are safe and get mental peace
  • Parents can raise kids with better sense of responsible behavior and compliance
  • Parents can lock the device if they feel their kid needs to pull back a little

Here’s how employers can benefit from monitoring apps:

employee monitoring

  • Employers work more efficiently by sending mobile teams to different customers within the same area without asking them to come back to the headquarters.
  • Employers can keep an eye on usage of the cell phone to know if their workers spend too much time browsing via their cell phones rather than working. This is possible because such monitoring apps allow users to see all browsing history with time stamps.
  • Employers can read all messages in SMS, IM chats (like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc.) to know what their customers are sharing with outsiders. If they feel a threat to their security and privacy, they can pull the target employee aside and remind him or her about the company’s policies.
  • Employers can listen to conversations happening in the vicinity of the cell phone to know what their employees are thinking and saying behind their backs and work towards building a better work environment.

Nothing is perfect, and while the app offers so many pros, it does come with some cons too:

  • Users can only use the app on iOS devices or Android devices, not Windows phones.
  • Users must subscribe individual devices to use the app for monitoring the target person

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Now let’s look at some key features that users love about this app:

Key features

XNSPY key features

Here’s a quick list of features that the app offers and that are self-explanatory.

  • Monitor Facebook messenger and Instagram
  • Monitor photos and videos
  • Monitor apps installed
  • Monitor GPS locations
  • Use Geo-fencing
  • Get alerts 24/7
  • Use watch-list feature for contacts and words
  • Monitor emails
  • Monitor calendar entries
  • Stay undetectable
  • Remote access

If you need more information about these features, you can contact support; they are always there to assist.


The best part is that this mobile spy app is available in the market for as low as $8.33 per month for basic users and for premium users at $12.49. They offer flexibility for their customer by offering three subscription options – monthly, quarterly, and annual. Note that they do have a money back policy, but specific conditions apply.


Conclusively, XNSPY offers peace of mind, improves productivity for employers, and offers value for money. Because it works on both iOS (jailbroken and non-jailbroken) and Android devices, it has a larger customer base, larger target market and great potential as a monitoring app for 2016.


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