How to help an Organization with Intranet

How Intranet helps an Organization?

You might wonder how Intranet helps an organization or what’s its functionality?

First of all, let’s understand about the word ‘INTRANET’. Intranet software could be a personal and secure website that allows staffs to communicate each other.  The employees in an organization can share documents, data and can access productivity tool.

An intranet solution is usually hosted and maintained on company servers and may solely be accessed by internal workers. Basically, it includes connections through one or additional gateway computers to the outside web.  It is having a powerful database which keeps all your business data secure and can be accessible by proper account permissions. It comprises several local area networks and additionally uses charted lines within the wide area network. It uses TCP/IP, HTTP, and different web protocols and generally seems like a non-public version of the web. An intranet software helps to operate in groups and for teleconferencing.  Typically, larger organizations enable users among their intranet to access the public internet through firewall servers that have the flexibility to screen messages in each direction in order that company security is maintained.

Intranet has some features. Let’s see some features:

Staff Directory:

Staff directory or an employee directory means directories which contain not the only listing of the employee staffs but also directories with self-managed employee profile. This allows an employee to update their departments and other details. It also provides a feature to communicate with other employees in an organization or within their departments. It is also easy to find the staffs quickly.

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File Management:


A file management system is also known as a file manager. A file management system is the one that manages all files in a computer system. The file manager is meant to manage individual or cluster files (like special workplace documents and record). It shows the report details like the owner, creation date, the state of completion and also shows similar features which is helpful for an organization. Share your file with the intranet with reliable email notification allows the protection and confidentiality of your files.Helps you to avoid searching for your files in network drives for a long lost file as intranet becomes a totally fledged repository for your file

Organize Quickly:

Organize Quickly

The employee organizing can be done in department wise. Here they can post documents, procedures forms, events etc. Also, they can post policies, and any announcements if needed. All these can be posted by department wise so that it will help for the particular departments to reach to their announcements and events. Thus, it enables content security for each department. It provides an easy access control administrations.

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Interactive HR Forms:

intranet hr forms

Here, it consists of powerful and secure forms for specified departments and for the approval to specified administrations. Intranet enables forms including leave request, vacation request, feedbacks and all. These requests are assigned to the particular department head or to the authorized persons.

Benefits of Intranet:

  1. Better internal communications: Intranet act as an internal communication between the employees in an organization or within a particular department. The employees can share documents, announcements, events etc
  2. Sharing of resources and best practice: A virtual workspace is created to facilitate information storing, sharing and collaborative work.
  3. Improved customer service: Better access to correct and consistent data by your employees will result in increased levels of client service.

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