Texting while driving: How dangerous is it?

tumblr_static_texting-while-drivingIf you are cell phone user, you must be aware of words “text messaging”, a brief message that has 160 words character limit that can be received and sent to on all today’s mobile phones. Short name of texting is also SMS that is on rise, from nearly 9.8 billion messages a month in December ’05 to 110.4 billion in December ’08. With no doubt, majority of these messages are being sent by the car drivers while driving.is it a dangerous idea to text while driving .we decided to conduct a test

In academic researches that were conducted previously has shown that drivers ability to drive the car impairs. But no specific study has been conducted on real vehicle that is being driven. Also result of texting by drunk drivers on the same day and under the same circumstances were conducted.

For keeping things simple, we should focus on solely driver’s reaction times to a light that mounted at eye level through wind shield. And driving will be done in a straight line. By giving the preference to phones like blackberry, iPhone, and other Android mobile phones that text friendly and with QWERTY keypads and they would be using to text to same and familiar phones. 22 years Jordan Brown, who was armed with an iPhone, was representative of younger crowd. And in older demographics, 37 years old Eddie Alter man, who was using the Samsung Alias.

As the test vehicle our long term Honda pilot was used. Driver was needed to hit the brakes when they would see the red light on wind shield. Shotgun, used by the author trigger the red light and had monitored the results of drivers reaction.in three areas the data of test was recorded. Speed of vehicle via the VBOX’s GPS antenna; position of brake-pedal and steering angle via the Pilot’s OBD II port; and the red light’s status of on/off through an analog input. Five times each trial would be responded by the drivers to the light, and the slowest reaction time (the amount of time between the activation of the light and the driver hitting the brakes) was dropped.

First, both drivers’ reaction was tested at 35 mph and 70 mph to get readings of baseline. Then we repeated the driving procedure while they read a text message aloud. And the drivers typing the same message and their trial and the same message they had just received.

Socially and legally drunk drivers were completely unacceptable. on the other hand, texting is remained with respect to laws and opinion in formative period. While diving the texting, several jurisdiction have been passed. But even though legislation were passed to outlaw the texting behind the wheel, it would still be difficult to enforce it as law.In our test, neither of subject has any idea that reaction time would be slowed down. The main element in driving with safety is to keep one mind and attention on the road and focus on the driving more than texting.

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Top 5 Apple Plans for the Future

apple plans

The future provides a challenge to each technology company. Striving to outdo the future with new technological advancements and improvements in the current technologies is what Apple try to do. New gadgets/ devices were operating on new operating systems, new security policies are being developed. The top 5 plans that Apple has for its future are as follows.

  1. Security

Currently according to the fuse crunch tech news, Apple has decided to develop and establish new ways to ensure hacking is impossible on their iPhones and other devices. To achieve this, the company intends to remove the free passcode recovery mode from their devices especially the iPhones. Also the encryption of data on iCloud backup preventing access of data through the iPhone backdoor; Apple reserves all the rights to decrypt the data. This is however about to change; Apple wants to issue the decryption keys to their customers to prevent this kind of access by Apple and other institutions.

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Apple aims at limiting the use of the device firmware update (DFU) mode as a troubleshooter. This is because it can be used to reinstall new versions of the operating system without rebooting or entering pass-codes.

  1. Payment

Payment transactions have become the center of new technological advancements. Each technological company including Apple are looking for new ways to make payments using their devices. The presence of a pay service in Apple indicates their future intentions. Ensuring increased use of the Apple Pay service by their customers, using their smart watch and the iPhones which are now installed with this service. The system is secure, easy to use and implement.

Payment transactions are aimed at being transferred to the new wearable devices that are being developed. The operating system that controls the payment app will be designed to fit and install in the wearable devices. Uploading of information will be done through the use of the iPhones which are then put in sync with the wearable devices; payment will be through the swipe of the wearable device on the scanner.

  1. Devices

The future brings new things and in this case new devices for Apple. If you are a fun of Apple products, then get ready to have your mind blown. Apple is producing new devices that are wearable, weightless, convenient and easy to use. The Apple smart watch yet to enter the market will have new features and abilities such as estimating blood pressure, heart rate, skin conductivity, and oxygen levels in the blood. These functions will be for 24 hours a day. Data gathered will then be analyzed and uploaded into the computer that is in sync with the wearable device. The results are then displayed on the screen. Upgrading and updating the devices will be done using the new wearable devices.

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Apple aims at introducing and developing the fifth generation television sets. These are rumored to have very advanced and enhanced CPUs. These if produced with operating quite smoothly and efficiently. Real time will lack definition with the said set.

  1. Software

Software plays a big role in the success of the new and future Apple devices. Apple plans to launch new software to run on the new wearable devices. They provide advanced changes in their design. The new software is however aimed at providing more features and increased changes in the designs.

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The wearable devices, for example, will require new software and new operating systems for them to adopt their new features and operate smoothly. The watchOS three is expected to run Apple wearable devices.

  1. Retail shops

Retail shops show the image of the company to the world. Customers today are concerned about image and reputation of a company. Apple has decided to implement new strategies in their retail stores to assist in achieving their future goals. Apple aims at reorganizing its retail stores. The Genius Bar will be renamed to Genius Groove, which is designed and aimed for hands-on customer service.

New additions will include Windows, which is a form of display that changes with the different themes i.e. iPhone photos to music or new iOS applications. The boardroom which takes the form of a conference is designed for social interaction between Apple and small business startups and app developers.

Apple aims at ensuring that people visit their stores regardless of whether or not they are buying. The retail stores will be a destination for people from different areas. They aim at making landmarks where people converge and meet.


Apple has ample plans. Fulfilling these plans, however, may not be as easy as they anticipate; customers provide challenges that are to be faced. Some of them include acceptance of the new technology, disillusionment in regards to the operations of the new devices and operating systems, etc.; it is difficult to curb all of this and to ensure success. As for me, I believe what I see.

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