Restricting time limits of smartphone access

Restricting time limits of smartphone access

Smartphone addiction is one of those dangerous habits in teenagers that is difficult to get rid of. Families spend less time together and more time hooked to electronic gadgets. Apart from a hectic work schedule, parents have a lot of other engagements that keeps them busy. Children being lonely, spend time with smartphones and laptops that gradually turns out to be an addiction. Imposing restrictions on time limits of smartphone access is very essential for mental and physical development of children.

Why time limit restriction needs to be imposed?

Too much of smartphone and laptop usage can be detrimental for the well being of your child. It affects them emotionally to such extent that they become addicted to it. Neglecting their studies, they start devoting more time in smartphones, where they play games, send text messages or just browse net for hours. Smartphone seems like an inseparable part of their lives as they cannot keep it aside even for a minute. A lot of time is spent in clicking photos, making video calls or chatting in social media platforms that coincide with the time required to spend in school work. Teens of this generation become self centered creature where they are seen not talking to each other, but texting the person sitting next to them via a social messaging app. They never act less than any zombie whose main aim is to stay glued to a smartphone no matter what.

Effect of smartphone addiction

With constant use of smartphones, 24×7 a day, kids become restless and communicate less with their close ones. Even when with family and friends, they are always seen checking their smartphones every now and then. Be it the wee hours in the morning, or late at night, it is not astonishing to see teenagers hooked to their smartphones. Sending sexually explicit content, provocative photos, insulting somebody online (cyberbullying) or chatting with a stranger is something common amongst teens. They are not aware of how these can be harmful for their life. Parents are not aware mostly because they feel a little hesitant to spy on their teenage kids. They are not aware of the severe consequences that just begin with normal friendship or talking over phones. Even kids of these days are smart enough to hide things from their parents. So it is very important to have a healthy relationship between parents and kids where both can be honest and open to each other.

Spending time fiddling with smartphones is not only bad for eyesight but also harmful for one’s health and emotional well being. The problems that are likely to come up are stress, depression, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart problems, breathing issues, disrupted sleep, developmental issues and much more. So there should be a time limit of using smartphones, especially if your kid is in their adolescent period. Mostly there is no time limit set to for smartphone access by the parents. So kids of this generation are always hooked to their phones. Parental authority is something that needs to be imposed and for that time restrictions on smartphone usage is very important.

Monitoring app setting time limits of smartphone usage

Kids should be refrained from using smartphones for a particular time period each day. This is the time that must be utilized for self development and they need to work hard for a better future. But the question is how can that be done? Not always teenage minds listen to their parents. They argue and have a tendency to not to follow their words, when it is something related to smartphone usage. Taking their phones away or scolding them to not to use smartphones cannot be the solution. The best way to restrict time limit with respect to smartphone usage is to go for a monitoring app. Monitoring apps would help you to lock smartphones for a specific time period. You can also block apps, websites and certain keywords and thus prevent your kids from smartphone addiction. An iPhone monitoring app or an Android monitoring app would help you to keep a track of what your kid is doing. You can easily lock the phone for some time and your kid cannot get access to it. No matter how much they try, they cannot unlock the phone without the passcode given by you.

Beneficial for physical and mental well being of your kid

Restricting time limit on smartphone access will help your kids to live a healthy life. When parental monitoring is there, kids become more focused towards their studies. They start to devote more time in studies and less time calling or texting people. They gradually socialize and spend time with their friends and families rather than with smartphones. Limiting internet usage would help them understand about disciplined way of using Internet. They would learn to use the time given to them for internet usage wisely. This would help them to stay away from inappropriate content and unnecessary chatting in social media platforms. When you block the access of smartphones, you establish your parental authority in the most appropriate way possible. In a beneficial way you can exert your authority and help them to choose the right over wrong. Better than snatching their phones, you can monitor their activities and also exert your control as and when required. Your kid’s online temptations with respect to calls, messages and social media would reduce to a great extent. They would start to use smartphones wisely in the time limit provided to them. This would help them to understand that smartphones are a part of their life and not their entire life. They would learn to value people surrounding them and utilize time in doing something productive. Initially they may get offended but later they would get used to it. This would help them to get rid of smartphone addiction. Their physical and mental well being would be restored. As a parent, there is nothing more than you want apart from physical and mental well being of your child. The number of hours blocked from smartphone access is under the discretion of the parents. It is something that needs to be done so that kids gradually develop themselves towards working for a brighter future ahead.

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5 Highly Effective Features Your Restaurant Application Should Have

Restaurant Application

Are you running a restaurant? Do you have a mobile restaurant application for your customers? If no, you are missing out huge market share in the food delivery service. Having a mobile application for your business is a must if you wanted to attract a maximum number of customers and attain your goal.

There are lots of restaurants that have got huge help in achieving a significant raise in their sales and revenues. But if you are looking forward to having a customized mobile application, it is essential to make sure that your application has all the important features that make it successful.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a 10 table, family-run restaurant or a multi-branched restaurant chain, if you do not have a dedicated mobile app, there are high chances of missing at least a 20% increase in sales.

Here, we have compiled a list of 5 highly effective features that you should not compromise while developing an application for restaurant:

Develop Relationship with Loyalty Program

As we all know that customers are the core of any business and if you do not have them, there would be no one to use your services or purchase products. Companies with customer oriented approach need to treat their loyal customers and make them feel special.

Ultimately, they will be your brand ambassadors. It doesn’t mean that you should provide expensive rewards, but we are talking about loyalty program as this program will increase customer engagement and transactions.

You can develop a relationship with a loyalty program, so choose one such program that best meets your business requirements. You can also use Single-Card Loyalty Program for a single location or Multi-Card Loyalty Program for multiple locations. In addition to this, the statistic module can also be used to comprehend the user behavior and enhance your app to attain better results.

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In-App, Online Ordering, and Mobile Payments

Through online and in-app ordering, customers can avoid long queues or the wait for the order to be taken and delivered. With the capability to pay for their orders beforehand, it takes customers to one step forward and makes their task convenient.

Apart from this, customers, who are ordering online, tend to visit the restaurant 67% more often than those, who don’t. However, 26% of people state that they make use of a restaurant’s application for the ease of making the payment for their orders beforehand.

It will not only make your customers’ life easy and convenient, but it will also boost competence and accuracy for handling orders. These mentioned benefits will allow you to have a clear edge over your competitors no matter whether they are right across the street or pond.

Location Services

With geo-targeting, you can easily target people based on their location and communication in real-time with their target audience. Once people opt-in to location-based programs, you can notify them of different deals, promotions, and offers when they are in-store even when they come around in the locality.

By this way, customers as well as restaurants owners can get benefits by making interaction relevant so the customers do not get irritated by spam.

In addition to this, iBeacons are another way through which you can engage in geo-targeting. It will give a wonderful opportunity for brands to serve relevant alerts or ads to both existing customers and new customers.

Social Integration

Today, social media integration becomes the essential feature in every application out there. Even for restaurant industry more as customers’ need to review their experience, take pictures of and upload them to their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, etc.

Along with it, you are also capable of leveraging the social media and tie it with your loyalty or discount programs so that you can lure your existing customers to earn points and rewards for new customers or friends. It will be beneficial hugely as it will attract many new customers and at the same time, enticing a one time customer to visit your restaurant again.

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Online Booking or Table Reservations

No matter how big or small your restaurant is, but it might be popular enough that your customers find it difficult to get an empty table. Maybe you have a restaurant that only accommodates prior reservations and not walk-ins.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, a restaurant mobile application should have a table reservation feature for customers to book in advance. It will also help you to serve your customers in a better way and cut down their frustration that arises while waiting in long queues. This exclusive feature will help your customers to plan their evening perfectly.

Above-mentioned five features are must have in your restaurant application if you are looking forward to delivering an excellent service to your potential customers and make them feel wow. To develop such wonderful restaurant mobile application, you can hire a trusted mobile app development company that has already developed such applications with requisite features.

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