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Smartparentingapps is a Technology Blog Founded and Edited by Tech Experts. The Blog focuses on the topics such as Technology News, Digital Parenting, Latest Gadgets, Cell Phone Spy, PC Spy Apps Reviews, How-To Guides, Socials News, Computer Security and employee legality.

Reasons to Write for Smart Parenting Apps

1- For more Readership.
2- For more Traffic.
3- It will help your posts get more recognition.
4- Gain Social Exposure.
5- Wide Bookmarking Exposure.


Don’t think that if there is no link or any page to Privacy Policy then there is no Guidelines for Smartparentingapps. Before writing you must accept these Guidelines.

No Duplicate contents:-
It’s Obviously mandatory. Because search engine hates duplicate content and we are under search engine and remember Google is very good at it. You must not copy other posts and share here.

Try to Interact with your readers and answer their Queries if they have any doubt. This will help you build Trust among readers.

If you post someone else work you need to give credit to the respective Person.

ONLY Related content:-
Once again I am mentioning Smartparentingapps is latest tech news and reviews Blog. If you are going to write about Top Selling Cars in the US or any other topic that is not related to Technology or Gadgets then go elsewhere. You are welcome, only if topic focus and fit the Categories provided in Guidelines. Now it’s up to you, your way to write will define acceptation or require change. I do not want to reject.

Include Images or Videos: – The article written by you must have an Image or Video. And yes you must site the source of the Image or Video with a link to the source.

Smartparentingapps.wordpress.com Guest Posting Terms and Conditions!

Please make sure you follow the rules before sending any article on SPA:

  • Your article must be original and should not be posted anywhere else on the web.
  • The articles must contain relevant images (at least one).
  • The article must not contain affiliate links.
  • The article must be well-formatted, should be SEO-rich (If you are not good with SEO, don’t worry SPA’s can still help you on that).
  • SPA reserves the rights to remove links, bio or the article itself.
  • Your article should be at least 500+ words.
  • We ask that all guest bloggers stop by for a few days and reply to comments on their posts. We also require an email that is registered with http://en.gravatar.com/ so your photo will appear in your bio. (It’s must!)

If we found you’re violating any of the above rules, a strict action will be taken which can even include removing all your backlinks. I guess these rules are very easy to follow. So, let us play a fair game!

NOTE: Before sending me a request you are automatically accepting the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions.

The Blog Administrator has the ownership of the content.
He can accept/reject the content.
He can remove/delete the content at the later stage.
She can modify the content after Publishing.
You can’t republish, curate the content without permission on to other web properties but you can link to the content.


How to Write for Smartparentingapps

If you accept the above rules and conditions then send me an email to brookechloe78 (at) gmail (dot) com. The Email format should be as follows.

Email Subject: – Guest post for SPA (SmartParentingApps)

Name: – Your Complete Name

Blog: – Your Blog name or URL.

Social Links: – A link to your Facebook Account/page, Twitter account, LinkedIn or any other popular Social Networking sites.

Then attach your Article with Image/Video links in a Word.DOC file and send it to the above-specified Email address.

Unless you have all the details filled into the template, I won’t accept the email.

If you have any Doubts then feel free to contact us through Contact Page.