How Drones Fly And How They Are Beneficial?

How Drones Fly And How They Are Beneficial

There are some toys that are more attractive to the adults as compared to children and drones are definitely one of them. Drones happen to be one toy that a lot of adults are mesmerized by and people across the globe have been spending a lot of money on this and not just for their personal hobbies. While some people believe that a Drone is just a toy, the truth is that drones are much more than just toys and they can come in handy in various ways. It takes a lot of science and physics to create drones and make them the way they are today. There are different kinds of drones that you will find in the market, but no matter what kind of drone you are investing in you need to remember that you make use of it in the right way.

So How Do Drones Fly?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. A Drone consists of a rotor or in some cases multiple rotors that are similar to that of the blades of a fan. When they start rotating really fast, they create a drift and lift the drone up in the air. Depending on the size of the Drone and the speed of the rotor the drones can fly really high or to a moderate height. If you are looking to invest in a drone just as a toy then a basic model might work well for you. However if there are other uses for the drone then you might want to consider investing in an extremely high end model. Drones have various uses and here are a few benefits of them.

They Help To Save Lives

When a natural calamity such as a large forest fire, a flood or a Tsunami hits a particular area and it is difficult to get access to the people there, sending in drones can cut down the amount of time required to find people who are stranded in these places and help get them out. Nowadays there are some drones that are water resistant and some can even travel underwater. In case there has been a disaster that has occurred under the water, the water resistant drones can come in handy. It is better to research regarding the flight of the drone before investing in a high end model.

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Hurricane Hunting

If there is a Hurricane that has occurred and you want to try and locate certain people stuck in the hurricane then there are some kinds of drones that you could invest in. These drones are meant to withstand the strong winds that a Hurricane brings with it and travel against the force of the hurricane. Most of these drones even have a camera attached to them so it can help you get a clear picture of what is going on within the hurricane and will also help you to locate somebody instantly. This can definitely help save lives and warn people against possible oncoming danger.

Maintenance Of Infrastructure

These days high rise constructions, bridges and other sort of structures have come up across the world. While these structures are really beautiful to look at, figuring out minute problems within the structures is quite difficult especially when they are suspended in the air or over a water body. With the help of a drone it becomes very easy to identify the problems within the structures and repair the issues before anything major happens to them. These days’ civil engineers use drones to check the structural integrity of a particular structure and take a call on whether or not it needs to be renovated or reconstructed. This saves on a lot of money as well as time and effort.

Used In Agriculture

Nowadays there are a number of drones that can help in the even distribution of the seeds across the field. This helps to ensure equal plantation and better crops as compared to when it is done manually. It also helps to get the process done a lot faster and with less manual labor which means that it can be more affordable at the end of the day.

Helping Law Enforcement

Sometimes when children go missing it is difficult to search for them across a large area. In such times legal authorities bring in drones so that they can cover up a larger area and look for the person without any delays. These drones are help out a lot especially in areas where there is a lot of forest land or too many nooks and corners that need to be covered up.

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The drone also comes in handy in spotting a robber or a thief without any delay. When a robbery or a theft occurs, it becomes important for the law enforcement officer to find the person as soon as possible and a drone can definitely help them get there.

Aerial Photography Or Wildlife Photography

Thanks to a drone, people can now get visual images of what the earth looks like from a distance and they can even get up close and personal to a lot of wildlife that they never thought possible. Some high end drones come with good quality professional cameras that are fitted inside of it so that they can automatically capture images. The camera of these drones is controlled by a person who is looking at the screen that the Drone is covering so that they can capture the image of the wildlife or the scenery.

Package Delivery

A drone can also be used to transport packages from one place to another and this not only helps to save on a lot of time but also money because one no longer needs to worry too much about spending on a courier service.

Drones are one of the most effective and interesting developments in technology that when put to the right use comes in extremely handy. Whether you consider a drone as a toy or whether you need it for something more important, it always makes more sense to research about the Drone and check how far the Drone can fly so that you make the right choice.

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Understanding Microsoft Telemetry And Why It Is Used

Understanding Microsoft Telemetry And Why It Is Used

Technology is constantly changing and every device that you use is always getting upgraded or outdated depending on the features it has. Although there are various operating systems in the market available for users to invest in, Microsoft Windows is the number one choice for people all across the globe for various reasons. One of the best things about Microsoft is that it is user-friendly and constantly working towards making improvements and providing users with something more effective and interesting for them.

The Telemetry feature is one of the latest introductions to the computing world that has put Microsoft under the scanner. While some people believe that Telemetry is a beneficial software that helps to enhance user experience, there are others who believe that it’s a total invasion of privacy and Microsoft has taken it too far by trying to collect data just so they can enhance the experience.

People believe that it’s important to keep their private affairs personal and with this  software upgrade it’s not easy to cover up your internet activities. It’s like someone is always keeping an eye on you. This makes it tough for people to do what they want online without the fear on being judged or spied on.

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While data collection is great to help enhance the experience of the end user, doing it without their knowledge or permission and doing it constantly can make the user uncomfortable. The thought of all your personal data getting leaked out is never a good feeling and it takes away from the comfort of surfing the internet the way you want to and with the freedom you always enjoy.

Why It’s Used

When Microsoft first started out, there wasn’t much competition and most people chose Microsoft because of the convenience as well as availability. These days there are a number of operating systems available in the market for people to choose from and while Microsoft is still leading with the number of systems out there, they needed something that could help to enhance the experience of their users which is why they decided on developing a software that could help them provide their users with what they were looking for.

This software basically helps to collect data from your system and send it back to Microsoft so that they can determine the kind of user you are and provide your system with apps and upgrades that best suit your system. In order for you to make the most out of this, you need to keep Telemetry active, however, in most cases it is known to cause more trouble than be beneficial to the user which is why it is best to stop the program from running and eliminate the feature from your system. This can be done easily with the right steps.

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Why You Should Disable Microsoft Telemetry

With the advent of new technology, Microsoft has taken a very proactive step with the Microsoft Telemetry process. While this process is useful for new upgrades and newer laptops, there are users that find this process eating into their disk space as well as CPU usage. There are times when the laptop or computer lags because of Microsoft Telemetry running in the background and collecting data. If you are one of those users that are annoyed with how Microsoft Telemetry works, then here are a few tips that will help you disable the Microsoft Telemetry that runs in the background.

Registry Editor Disabling

One of the ways that you can disable the Microsoft Telemetry process is through the registry editor. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to get it done.

  1. You need to hold down the Windows key and then press the R key. This will open the Run window. In the window, you need to type the word regedit and then click on the OK button or hit enter.
  2. Then the registry editor opens up. In this window, you will need to find the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ category. You will see this in the left side column. Once you find this category, expand it using the arrow that you will find next to it. The you need to find the category titled ‘SOFTWARE’ and after that ‘Policies’, after that ‘Microsoft’, next ‘Windows’ and lastly ‘Data Collection’ folder.
  3. Once you find the ‘Data Collection Preview Builds’ folder, you need to right click on it and then select ‘New > DWORD (32-bit) Value’
  4. Once you do this, a new window will open. At the top of that window, you will see a ‘Value Name’ box. There you need to fill it with ‘Allow Telemetry’. Next you will see the ‘Value Data’ box. Here you need to type ‘0’. After that you need to click ok to confirm.
  5. Next you need to check the CPU usage as well as the disk usage through the task manager. Your problem of Microsoft Telemetry process taking up too much of both should be resolved.

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Group Policy Editor Disabling

You can disable the Microsoft Telemetry process through the group policy editor as well. Here is how you need to get it done.

  1. Hold down the Windows key and then press the R key. This will open the run window. In this window, you need to type gpedit.msc. Once you have done this, press enter on your keyboard or press OK on the window.
  2. Next the group policy editor window will open. Here you need to find the ‘Computer Configuration’ category. You will find this category on the left hand side of the window. You then need to expand it by clicking on the arrow next to it. The you need to find the ‘Administrative Templates’ category under the expanded field. Then you need to look for ‘Windows Components’ and lastly the ‘Data Collection and Preview Builds’ category.
  3. Once you select the ‘Data Collection and Preview Builds’ category, the column on the right will change and a number of different services will show up there. From that list you need to find the ‘Allow Telemetry’ service and double click on it.
  4. Once you double click it, it will open up a new window. You will see three options on the top left hand corner in that window. This will be right next to the comment box. These three options will be Not Configured, Disabled and Enabled. You need to click on the Disabled option and click ok after you have done that.
  5. Once you exit the window, you can check how the CPU usage as well as the disk usage has been affected. These steps should solve the problem that you are facing.
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