The Ultimate Guide to Parenting Right (Doesn’t Exist)


You are not a parent yet or you have extremely well-behaved kids if you fell for that title. And we all know the latter cannot even be a reality. It would be so grateful of someone to hand you a manual to follow and pass the parenting exam with flying colors, right?  Well if you are a parent, we are sure you had a good laugh looking at the title and also at the person who professes to have got the parenting right.

But what if the person who has supposedly got parenting right is too close for comfort? May be, ‘Your Spouse’? Let’s take a light-hearten look at some of the most common parenting issues that couples spar over and how we think you can deal with them!

Who’s Turn is It to Manage the Children Over The Weekend?

It is the dad’s turn to unwind before a ‘hectic’ work week and mom’s turn to take a break and let her hair down and therefore the big question – who will manage the kids? You know what all the mommies and daddies? The kids don’t need you to look after them all the time. So let them relax a bit, allow them to watch some TV, read some books and get their elbows and knees bruised a bit and for a change – let them look after themselves. It will do you both extremely good!

Why Can’t I Notice Anything in Its Place Anymore?

The children are already late for school and your better half too can’t seem to find her/his sock and suddenly the environment at home gets charged with a seemingly simple question: “Why is everything out of place?” In that one statement, you have already stirred a hornet’s nest. Do you mean to say that your spouse is the reason for not able to find stuff in the house? That he/she is expected to clean up after everyone in the house including the kids? Take my word: Just wear two different pair of socks to work if you can’t find the matching pair – it is the in thing these days.

Why Don’t You Go to Work Like ‘XYZ’/ Stay at Home?

Ahem, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Or haven’t you had a run-in with the boss these past few days? Whatever your reason may be before you unintentionally (of course) uttered this statement, you better UNDO it and soon.  Do we need to say more?

We Should Let the Kid Handle with the Situation

Imagine this. Your toddler comes home crying about a bully at school and all you want to do is to give that bully a piece of your own mind. And the spouse, (who has not been part of the proceedings) offers you advice like a consultant. You do not want to scream! I hear you! But hey, the consultant is right may be just this instance? Take up kickboxing or punch a doll instead ?

Day Off Doesn’t Mean ‘No Rules Day’

Sorry to break the bubble but parenting doesn’t come with a holiday fellas. So, before you decide to let the children watch a bit more on TV, or eat an extra bar of chocolate you better take your spouse into confidence. After all who wants to be assigned to a day of folding laundry and doing dishes ?

He/She is Just Like You.

Now, that is a statement, ladies and gentlemen. And somehow the better halves have perfected the timing on this. They choose to make a smart alek comment just when you think you are ready to tear your hair (or the kids’) over something. And about how similar they find the kid and you in this situation, no less. Word of advice to the smart spouses: That ain’t a smart move.

We hope you had a laugh or two while reading this article!

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The Importance Of Project Management Tools

the importance of project management tools

Project management tools play an integral part of a business because these tools not only help to plan and execute a complete project but it also helps to ensure that the project is completed on time and is transparent throughout the task. There are a number of businesses that are now shifting from manual project management to automated tools that can help them streamline the process of their business, and if you haven’t already considered getting yourself a project management tool then you need to know that this is important for the growth of your business.

With a good quality project management tool not only will you be able to ease the pressure off your employees but you will also manage to get the project done in a better time frame and in a more effective manner. The last thing you want is for your employees to perform inefficiently because they are not able to go back and forth with certain tasks at hand. With the help of a project management tool everyone involved in the project plays an equal part and they know what is happening so that they can keep their resources ready to contribute to the project whenever required.

Whether it is a small project or whether the project is extremely large, project management tool helps you to sort out your entire project into certain categories that help you complete it without too much stress.


The best thing about using a project management tool is that you can plan the project effectively. Right from the assignment that you want to assign to various employees, to the tasks that certain groups will handle and even the budget that you would like to set out, you can get this all done on the tool itself. You can automatically send out emails to the various people involved in the project and let them know a particular time frame that is required for them to complete the task.

This estimate makes project managers’ figure out how they need to motivate the team and keep track of the progress of the project. You can also assign goals to the managers and ensure that they get these goals completed by ensuring that the employees work well. A good quality project management tool will allow everyone on the task to understand the goals clearly as well as their objectives. If you are not too sure about using the right project management tool then you can learn more details here.

Assigning Resources

When you have a good quality project management tool in place you can check the resources available and you can also see the progress of your employees. If someone is falling behind on a particular task and there are other employees who have already completed the job at hand you can always reassign a resource or a task to someone who has more time in hand. This helps you to balance out the project very conveniently and you will never run short of time. It also takes away the risk of a hasty job or the risk of something that is done under pressure. When you do this, the quality of the project is automatically enhanced and you can be rest assured that this contributes to your business in a positive manner.

The Various Types Of Project Management Tools

Different businesses have different requirements and let’s not forget that even project management tools are very different from one another. While some project management tools work on a cloud, there are others that need to be installed on every computer while some of them are completely paper based. All of this project management tools manage to contribute to businesses in various ways and it all depends on what kind of business you handle or what your employees are most comfortable with.

One of the most popular project management tools today happens to be the ones that are on the cloud. This is because cloud based tools are easier to access irrespective of where you are and it helps you to save on a lot of time. However, if your business is an old business and your employees are not very technically savvy then using something paper based like a template for a simple checklist works just as well. The most important thing that you need to remember is the comfort of your employees and what they find easy. The last thing you wanted is to put pressure on them by assigning them with a tool they do not understand how to use in the first place.

Free Tools versus Paid Tools

There are tons of free project management tools available that you can incorporate for your projects. Similarly there are ones that requires a lot of money that needs to be spent. Again, whether you need to use a free project based tool or something that costs a lot of money depends completely on the nature of your business as well as the size.

If you are a startup and you don’t have a lot of employees under you then this is perhaps the best time for you to take advantage of the free project based tools available because these are the tools that will help you benefit without spending a lot of money. In such scenarios cloud based project management tools make more sense because the risk of having to download a free project management software might not be the best choice.

Free project management software that needs to be downloaded could be a very large file and this could take up a lot of pressure on your system. Cloud based or web based ones are safer to use and they are easier to understand as well. In case you have been using paper based project management tools and you want to turn to something safer then you may want to start off by training your employees with a free project management tool to see how they react to it before you actually invest in one.

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